Our Story

Two graduates, two internships and two flights later Melt and Co. was born. 

In early December 2014, returning from North and South America respectively, Jonathan and Nicholas enjoyed a rare sunny day in Surrey reminiscing about their trips and talking about what the future held for them as recent Graduates.. Was it time to answer the corporate call and  join their peers in the city? Whilst discussing their options, they discovered that they shared two things in common; a profound love for the frozen treats they had sampled abroad and the impending gloom of interviews and applications waiting around the corner. 

Frozen yoghurt sales were at their peak, juice bars had queues around the corner yet ice lollies had been largely ignored. In a moment of inspiration (or complete stupidity)  they decided that it was their mission/responsibility to fill this gap and open up the wonderful world of Paletas and Pops to the British Public. And thus, Melt and Co. was born. 

  Putting their heads together Melt and Co. was created to fill this gap and provide fresh, natural and unique flavour combinations flash frozen on a stick to be enjoyed whenever the hell you like.